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-CardaqM J-2534 interface (the lastest protocol) for factory level diagnostics & reprogramming on virtually all modern vehicles.
-Ford VCM II & IDS (Ford factory scan tool with instant access to vehicle software updates). -Tech 2 w/CANdi module (GM factory scan tool).
-Mastertech scanner w/Eagle package including Ford, GM, Chrysler, Jeep, Acura/Honda, -Toyota/Lexus/Scion, Nissan/Infinity updated to 2013 import & domestic (most of these are factory-level) software.
-E-scan, allows matrix-type plotting of fuel trims & volumetric efficiency for advanced drivability diagnosis.
-Volkswagen/Audi VCDS.
-PICO 4-channel oscilloscope (considered the best automotive oscilloscopes available) with 2 PV350 pressure transducers, 2 low amp & high amp probes, numerous adapters for various measurement capabilities.
-In-shop 4-gas analyzer.
-AllData, Mitchell ProDemand, iATN & Identifix Direct-Hit information systems as well as access to many OEM information systems.
-Maxidas ds708 scanner (after-market scanner with wide-ranging bi-directional capabilities).

... as well as continuing my education on the latest technologies in the industry... 

-Does your current shop only have 1 or 2 aftermarket scan tools? They are way behind the times & CANNOT access all modules or information on your vehicle. 

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