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   Recycling is an important part of my business. Automobile servicing can create a lot of nasty waste. I began recycling immediately after starting my business, before recycling was the "popular" thing to do. I'm not just talking about used motor oil. I save & recycle all the plastic & cardboard that my parts come in. I save & recycle all the metal waste generated. I save & recycle anti-freeze, brake fluid and solvents.
   It always irked me when I worked at other shops, watching tons of metal, cardboard, plastic and other recyclables getting tossed in the dumpster and headed to the landfill, oil oozing from thrown-out parts. I was determined from the start to do something differently. It takes a little extra time to separate, drain and contain these items, but I feel it is absolutely worth the effort, and necessary.
   Regardless of whom you have service your vehicle, PLEASE ask them to be responsible with the waste generated.


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