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   I have taken the following courses since 2005, most are 8 hours long, not necessarily in this order...

  1.    Electronic Feedback Fuel Pump Control
  2.    Direct Fuel Injection
  3.    Hybrid Vehicle Service
  4.    Diagnosing OBDII EVAP Codes
  5.    AD-513 Pressure Signature Analysis (advanced pressure transducer usage)
  6.    OBD-206 Practicle uses of Mode $06
  7.    AD-514 Data Network Analysis (Controller Area Network CAN analysis & repair)
  8.    AD-515 Developing a Diagnostic Game Plan
  9.    VWA-100 Volkswagen/Audi Diagnostics
  10.    VWA-200 Volkswagen/Audi Theory & Diagnostics
  11.    Body Control System Diagnostics/Lighting Systems (CAN network analysis)
  12.    DSL-100 7.3 Ford Powerstroke Diagnosis
  13.    DSL-400 Cummins Diesel Diagnosis
  14.    DSL-500 Ford Powerstroke 6.0 Diesel
  15.    NVT-701 Oil & Lubrication Technology (extreme advances have occurred in this area)
  16.    AD-512 Advanced Diagnostic Challenge
  17.    EE-201 Essential Electronics: Battery, Starting & Charging Systems Testing (Sounds basic? Not anymore!)
  18.   TFT-100 Total Fuel Trim Diagnosis
  19.    OBD-207 Advanced EVAP System Diagnosis
  20.    OBD-205 Controller Area Network Diagnostics/On-board Networking
  21.    Workflow Management Systems
  22.    AD-505 Enhanced Exhaust Gas Analysis
  23.    AD-508 Developing Diagnostic Strategies for Ignition Systems
  24.    AD-507 OBDII No-start Strategies
  25.    OBD-202 Enhanced OBDII Misfire Diagnosis/Mode $06 basics
  26.    HON-101 Honda Computer Diagnosis
  27.    OBD-201 Enhanced OBDII Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)
  28.    ABS-101 Anti-lock Brake Diagnosis
  29.    AD-504 OBDII Enabling Conditions/Monitor Diagnosis
  30.    AD-502 Fault Pattern Recognition Part II
  31.    AD 503 Fault Pattern Recognition Part III
  32.    Current Probes Revisited (Advanced Amp probe diagnosis, a couple of my waveforms were used in this class)
  33.    Cooling System Updates. Along with oil technology changes, coolant & cooling systems have changed dramatically
  34.    Advanced Oscilloscope Usage & Techniques
  35.    Electronic Throttle Control Diagnosis, Repair & Relearn
  36.    ATG General Motors Engine Performance 2013
  37.    Asian Vehicle Immobilizer & Security Systems, dealing with factory anti-theft sytems integrated into powertrain management
  38.    8 hours hands-on Pressure Waveform Analysis, all day saturday class using PICO oscilloscope
  39.    ATG Toyota & Ford Hybrid Diagnostics. In-depth hybrid vehicle maintenance & common problems & solutions
  40.    ATG Advanced Scan Tool Diagnostics: In-depth scan tool usage, graphing & superiority of OEM tools.
  41.    CTI Powertrain Control Management & Air/Fuel Strategies: In-depth fuel metering strategies and Rear fuel trim
  42.    CTI Secrets of a Mobile Diagnostic Technician.
  43.    MACs HFO-1234fy Mobile AC update & certification.
  44.    ATG Transmission In-Car Diagnosis. Advanced transmissions require advanced diagnosis.
  45.    ATG Mechanical & Variable timing & valvetrain diagnosis.
  46.    CTI Wide-band Air/Fuel ratio sensors.
  47.    CTI Advanced Technology Vehicles Service & Maintenance.
  48.    ATG Advanced Circuit & Electrical Diagnosis.
  49.    ATG Ford Engine Performance.
  50.    CTI Scan Tool Academy application & analysis.
  51.    CTI Effective Electrical Troubleshooting diagnostic application of wiring schematics.
  52.    CTI Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems service & techology update.
  53.    CTI Domestic Vehicle Programming Issues Answers Tips & Tricks.
  54.    CTI Evaporative Emissions Systems Asian import diagnosis.
  55.    CTI Anti-lock Braking Systems & Electronic Stability Control.
  56.    CTI Hyundai/Kia Systems & Diagnostics.
  I established Ada Auto Repair in August of 1993. I graduated from the College of Southern Idaho Automotive Service Education Program (A.S.E.P.) and earned my Associates Degree in auto repair. That education gave me a tremendous boost, because that was the era when computerization & fuel injection were just becoming the norm. I was on the cutting edge but still needed experience. I worked at a couple of local dealers and independent shops before going out on my own. I rented a small shop in Garden City that sure didn't look like much but served it's purpose well. I was able to keep costs down and still add the necessary tools, equipment & information systems to stay current on todays automobiles.
   I started going back to classes in 2005, realizing that technology is constantly changing and I'd better stay up on it or risk falling behind. They keep me up to speed on the latest innovations and changes in the repair industry. There is no way one person can know every thing about every car. The ability to realize that and FIND the information is key. I'm a member of the International Automotive Technician's Network (iATN), a worldwide resource of OVER 76,000 techs sharing knowledge and information about every make & model of automobile.
   In July of 2006, I purchased the shop I am currently in at 3700 Overland Road. It is small and humble but serves it's purpose well. I can keep my prices reasonable and still provide great service to my 1015+ customers. I am not cheap, I am reasonably & competitively priced.

                       Tom Berner               owner/operator/technician

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